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NEW Sky Bikini - Special Edition

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Equinox. Change of seasons. Beautiful skies worldwide. That was the inspiration for this set of X3D and FEEL Bikinis in Night (dark blue), Dusk (pink), Fog (grey) and Sunset (fucsia) suave microfiber. Which one is your color? Or do you like them all?

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NEW MAX Mesh Boiling and Cooling

The MAX Mesh family is growing! We just released "boiling" red and "cooling" blue in all four MAX styles - midcuts, boxers, bikinis and thongs, and with a bonus: The GYM Jockstraps in both colors!

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NEW Max Modal Underwear

The all new MAX MODAL comprises men's thongs, bikinis, boxers and midcuts in timeless colors like black and white; in addition, the special editions in Raspberry and Lemon colors give your favorite styles an irresistible flavor for the summer. Because special editions are limited, make sure you get your size before it runs out!

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Classic never goes out of style!   Perfect for guys who are new to the world of ergonomic underwear, these men's boxer-briefs will not draw as much attention as some of our other styles, but will still give you all the benefits of our ergonomic pouch designs. 

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New FEEL Swimwear: World Paradise Special Edition

This World Paradise Special Edition is inspired by some of the world's most beautiful beaches - we tried to capture the landscapes and colors in the print patterns and named them after those beaches. You can find the whole collection here. 

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NEW Lines! FEEL Modal & COBALT Special Edition!

MAX Suave Cobalt, is a limited edition line of four styles in a charming cobalt blue tone Cobalt is our newest Special Edition. Available in thongs, bikinis, boxers and midcuts, this special edition is manufactured in a cobalt blue fabric, follows  worldwide runway tendencies.  Part of the  MAX Suave line, Cobalt is a special edition aimed at staying season relevant, while keeping the [...]

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New MAX Mesh Boxers, Bikinis, Thongs & Midcuts Black/Red

Featuring our signature MAX waistband and pouch, the revamped edition of MAX Mesh boxers, bikinis, midcuts and thongs for men comes now in a black mesh fabric, charcoal colored cross stitchings, and a fully supportive MAX waistband with black Ergowear logo. One of our best sellers and most beloved items is getting revamped just for the [...]

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Top-5 Sexy Men's Underwear For a Sparkling Valentine's Day

Wherever you go. Whatever you do. Whether you are close or far apart. Give your partner one of these men's underwear styles this Valentine's day. First of all, let me say we are going to propose you some styles that are worn by men in all sorts of fields, including those worn by professional athletes, like [...]

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20 Best Men’s Pouch Underwear and Swimwear To Try in 2018

2017 was quite a year. From never-ending breaking news alerts in the forms of tweets, to a series of natural disasters. We are all now feeling very post-2017 and eager for 2018 to be better. Now it’s a good time to look back and see your achievements and failures during the past year. It’s also a [...]

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10 Secrets You Didn't Know About Male Thongs

10 Secrets You Didn't Know About Male Thongs If you’ve never worn a male thong, you’re probably wondering why more and more men are opting for this seemingly undersized underwear. Is it really as comfortable as they say and can a thong support your package? Well, rest assured that modern design has come a long way to [...]

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