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How Sexy Men's Underwear Can Improve Your Sex Life

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How Sexy Men's Underwear Can Improve Your Sex Life

Looking sexy in your underwear has as much to do with confidence as it does with fit and style. Here's four ways sexy underwear can spice up your sex life.

According to almost every romantic movie ever made, the easiest and surest way to crank up your sex life is to put on sexy underwear. But is there any truth to the popular perception that a revealing men's bikini with  pouch will turn you into a salacious hunk of meat that your partner will find impossible to resist?

The result you’ll get depends a lot on personal taste and your partner’s preferences among other factors in the relationship. Some will see  sexy underwear as an instant turn on, while others need a complete package, like gifts and a romantic ambience to get in the mood. Here are a few times when a fitted thong, bikini or boxer with pouch can send your love life through the roof.

Sexy bikini MAX Suave Gold

1. When your partner buys it

If your significant other  gifts you a pair of underwear, it’s a sure sign that’s things are about to get hot. He or  she definitely wants to see you in it and is almost certainly looking forward to sliding off that pair of thongs in the not too distant future. Get creative and add some mystery to the occasion with a slow strip tease to work up to the moment.

2. When it accentuates the crotch

Want to put your partner in the mood by drawing attention to your awesome package? Put on a pouch thong, bikini or boxer! Many men’s underwear on the market today are designed to do just that, including Ergowear’s  MAX Mesh collection of pouch underwear. 

The unique pouch style is the latest in men’s underwear design featuring a three-dimensional pouch that enhances the bulge by lifting the penis and testicles towards the front, giving the appearance of a larger, manlier bulge. That’s enough to build an air of erotic excitement and send a not-so subtle message that you’ve got the goods.

3. When it hugs carved out buns

For some men, underwear is nothing if it doesn’t show off their exquisitely carved buns. Hello barely there bikinis and thongs! These comfortable, fitted underwear are made for hugging the derriere ever so perfectly, your butt looks irresistible long before you drop your pants.

4. When it compliments a hot body

It’s no secret that sexy underwear draws attention to much more than just your package. When you strip down to your underwear, your entire body is on display. And when you’ve worked hard at toning and sculpting your muscles, there’s no shame in your game when it’s time to modeling in a sexy bikini or thong.

As long as the relationship is banging, there’s no reason that wearing erotic underwear won’t turn up the heat in your love life. 

The right underwear has the power to accentuate your body in a way that no other single item of clothing can. But remember that sexy is not just what you wear, it’s also a state of mind. When you drop your pants, do so boldly and confidently and don’t hold back in letting your partner know exactly what you want. 

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