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NEW Lines! FEEL Modal & COBALT Special Edition!

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MAX Suave Cobalt, is a limited edition line of four styles in a charming cobalt blue tone

Cobalt is our newest Special Edition. Available in thongsbikinisboxers and midcuts, this special edition is manufactured in a cobalt blue fabric, follows  worldwide runway tendencies. 

Part of the  MAX Suave line, Cobalt is a special edition aimed at staying season relevant, while keeping the strictest quality controls and performance of the MAX line.

Only Available for a Short Time! 

Although our main focus is on keeping the same quality standards you’re used to. Once in a while we launch a special edition underwear to complement a line.

This is your chance to grab one of the few Cobalt products before they run out. Since this is a limited edition, there will be no restocks once they go. So grab yours now!

FEEL Modal, a revamped collection of the FEEL Original line, is available in Black and White

Our newest FEEL Modal collection of pouch underwear for men is manufactured in one of the best fabrics ever used in underwear. Read more about what makes this new line so special.

FEEL Modal line is fully replacing the old FEEL line. It adds another layer of sophistication and exclusivity into al already exclusive line. One among many new additions into the Ergowear family line of luxurious underwear.

What’s So Special About FEEL Modal?

We have turned to Modal fabric in our newest line of underwear for the improved durability and unparalleled comfort it provides.

Modal brings a series of unique benefits found only in this type of high-end fabric. Made from natural cotton fibers mixed with cellulose threads. Among its benefits, Modal is sustainable, more resistant & much more elastic than regular cotton.

We have turned to Modal fabric in our newest line of underwear for the improved durability and unparalleled comfort it provides.

If that wasn’t enough already, Modal’s shape retention, unrivaled silky feeling and moisture wicking properties set it apart from traditional pure-cotton fabrics.

More Than Your Average Cotton Briefs

FEEL Modal is a new line of masterfully crafted hand-made underwear that is so much more than your regular underwear.

The new line is one of many forays into a better understanding of your needs as well as appreciation for the technical expertise that go into luxury underwear. When you slide on a pair of FEEL Modal briefs, you will feel the difference.

Modal fabric makes this new underwear line perfect for warm weather and intense workouts. Its moisture wicking Modal material boasts an incredible 50% higher absorption rate when compared to regular cotton. Helping you stay fresh all day, while remaining fully supportive.

All of these possible, while at the same time letting you enjoy its silky feeling when rubbed against your skin.

Shape Retention and Full Support

Modal offers improved shape retention capabilities. It’s designed to last longer while at the same time maintaining its supportive fit wash after wash. It’s enhanced elastic in waistband and inseams provide higher resistance with less friction.

This is perfect for those seeking the fully supportive fit of pouch underwear, while also enjoying the freedom and enhancement of this type of underwear.

FEEL Modal will give you an enhanced, yet extremely comfortable profiled bulge that will be the envy of your friends, lover and pretty much everyone around you. What are you waiting for? Try FEEL Modal now!

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