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15 Underwear Styles For Men With Large Packages

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15 Underwear Styles For Men With Large Packages

For men with large packages, even some brands which claim to be made with them in mind sometimes fall short. When it comes to full coverage and comfort, Ergowear is one brand that has developed quite a reputation by offering a variety of options in pouch underwear for the well-endowed.

Here are our top 15 best underwear styles for men with larger than normal packages.

1. MAX Light Midcut Black

Top 3 styles for men with large packages

The light ergonomic design of Ergowear's midcut boxer brief provides the full comfort and support that the well-endowed man needs. “ These are extremely comfortable 24/7 and the best overall fitting boxer brief I have purchased!” says David R.

The boxer’s best feature is the 3-dimensional pouch made with a super soft, light-weight Modal/Lycra fabric that stretches to give the perfect fit. The material is also designed to quickly remove moisture. While considered pricey by some, you will not regret trying the MAX Light line.

2. MAX Light Bikini Black

If you're new to Ergowear, don't hesitate,” says James M. “Ergowear products actually have enough room in the front for all your equipment.” James is a fan of the ultra-comfortable Max Light men's bikini for the well-endowed, made with super soft viscose-spandex Modal/Lycra fabric that provides greater stretch and is resistant to shrinkage. The 3D pouch lifts the testicles (medium, and large to extra large)  to keep them safe and dry thanks to the light-weight fabric that promptly wicks away moisture.

3. X3D Bikini White

For men who want to flaunt what they’ve got, it’s hard to get more dramatic than Ergowear’s X3D pouch,” says Made with a combination of Polyamide/Spandex fabric, this bikini hugs the genitals but still adds a layer of flexibility while reducing moisture. The ergonomic pouch snugly lifts the package for a super comfortable fit that most almost every hung guy out there will appreciate.

4. MAX Premium Boxer White

Top 4-6 styles for men with large packages

These boxers are in harmony with man,” says Ergowear customer Joe C., who adds that they are extremely well shaped and so comfortable.

The comfortable fit is due to the 3D pouch design which gives control and freedom to feel sexy and supported while enjoying the extra air flow and comfort from the cotton/lycra fabric. The  MAX Premium boxer design is also excellent for men with wide thighs.

5. MAX Mesh Thong Black

The 100% ergonomic design of the  MAX Mesh Thong has Bob M. saying that “ this range has been the most comfortable and best fitting yet.” The MAX Mesh line is light-weight and gives better air flow thanks to its breathe-through polyester/spandex Mesh fabric. The deep three-dimensional lifting pouch is perfect for men who are genetically blessed as their large packages are comfortably supported with this ergonomic design.

6. GYM Jockstrap White/Black

Confidence and comfort define this  GYM jockstrap that features 100% ergonomic design and works charms for large guys with large packages. In addition to providing firm support especially during sports and athletic activities, the large 3D pouch lifts and boosts the genitals, securing them from injury or accidents. The super strong Cotton-elastane fabric also helps to keep moisture at bay.

And as Xander P. notes “ It's great to have an option for those situations when boxer briefs aren't necessarily appropriate, or when the regular, average, everyday dude wants to turn up his sexiness meter.”

7. X3D Suave Mini Boxer Burgundy

Top 7-9 styles for men with large packages

“Thanks to Ergowear! Finally enhancing underwear without being embarrassed at the gym,” says Antonio P. The Suave mini boxer underwear with the prominent X3D ergonomic design features a stretchy pouch designed to bring the genitalia up and away to avoid squeezing – a common complaint for men with big packages.

The springy microfiber feels great against the skin, and the length and edges on the legs fits great for wide thighs as well.

8. FEEL Swim Trunk Black/Red

A pouch that lifts and adapts is really the main feature of the  FEEL Swim Trunks. With the Polyamid/elastan fabric, this underwear is designed to adapt to the shape of the male anatomy, by lifting the genitalia up and away from the thighs. Just listen to the testimony from FEEL fan Barry W. who says “ I am a big man usually XXL however my XL is very comfortable with plenty of room in front with usual "feel" room to move and my package looks good.

9. FEEL Classic Boxer Black

"This fitted men's boxer-brief is very comfortable and the quality is top notch", says Ergowear buyer Jonathan C. The perfect for the larger male, it features the roomy FEEL Classic pouch with its signature adapting shape. The elastic polyester-spandex blend looks and feels like cotton, and with its ergonomic design, this men’s boxers has all the benefits of the ultra-comfortable Ergowear underwear designs.

10. TRIO Boxer Blue/Red

Top 10-12 styles for men with large packages

With contrasting color designs and a large pouch size for large male anatomies, the  TRIO men's mini boxer is definitely an attention grabber. Its three-dimensional nose-shaped pouch gives a snug, supportive fit with natural elasticity that is designed to retain its shape. That’s probably why customer Paul O. says "ERGOWEAR know what they are doing with this one".

"Super comfortable especially where it matters most," Paul O. says. "The pouch is breathable and stretches a bit for those of us with larger than average equipment. Overall though I will highly recommend these for any guys who want the world's most comfortable underwear.”

But of course, this big pouch underwear list wouldn't be complete with two of our top styles. The best selling MAX Mesh Boxer Grey and the FEEL Swim Mini Trunk Royal.

11. MAX Mesh Boxer Grey

A product hit since its launch, the smashing  MAX Mesh Boxer brings an unprecedented support to well-hung guys. Along with its ultra stretch pouch made from a combination of Polyester/Spandex, the pouch provides high elasticity and durability. The Mesh fabric brings optimal breathability all day long.

Leg length on these Boxer's has been specially redesigned over and over to avoid chaffing in the most hot sticky days. Unlike thick waistbands in several other underwear styles, this line includes a non-binding waistband that will not mark your belly or torso. But don’t believe in our words, take Tyson’s for example. “Every purchase I have made has been top notch, fit very well, was durable, comfortable, and obviously made my package look fantastic,”.

12. FEEL Swim Mini Trunk Royal

We decides to include one more style of swimwear to compliment this list of large underwear for the well-endowed men. One of a newcomers, the gorgeously looking Feel Mini Trunk in Royal is perfect to show-off your manly pack.

Taking the non-traditional pouch of the  FEEL Swimwear line, the new style offers a variety of colors and styles, but out of them, it is the Mini Trunk in Royal that catches our attention. It’s attention-grabbing plastic cord end in red will catch more eyeballs than you can probably handle, while the Feel pouch offers a convenient looking swimwear fit for both traditional and adventurous guys.

The entire Ergowear line of underwear is well recommended for men who are well-endowed. Described by customer Tyson V. as “ A new standard for underwear”, Ergowear’s boxers, bikinis, thongs and swim trunks are among the best in endowed underwear.

13. MAX Premium Bikini White/Black

Top 13-15 styles for men with large packages

When your anatomy is more than average, it’s a delight to find underwear like the MAX Premium Pouch Bikini in white and black. Described as one of “the best underwear on the market”, this low rise endowed underwear comfortably supports even the largest testicles or packages, while the cotton-lycra fabric gives extra air flow to the genital area for a dry, fresh feeling all day long. The ergonomically designed 3-D pouch pushes the balls up from between the thighs and guards the area from injury and discomfort.

14. FEEL Classic Brief Blue/Gold

The Ergowear signature gold waistband on the FEEL Classic Brief is what makes this big pouch underwear a bold fashion statement that’s perfect for romance. Boasting a style that beckons the beholder to seductively unwrap the package, the classic brief is designed to sturdily embrace the male anatomy for a firm fit with its enhancing, adaptable pouch.

Customer Nicholas B. loves the fit of the front pouch and the soft comfortable feel of the fabric against his genitals. " I purchased the brief and boxer brief styles. The material is soft and so comfortable. I love the fit of the front pouch and how it feels. Will be buying again". The blue fabric is effortlessly complemented by the gold waistband in a style that makes you want to wear it for every occasion. Plus, the ergonomic design makes these briefs perfect for men who like their underwear to be as comfortable as they are stylish.

15. FEEL Suave Thong Dark Turquoise

The velvety microfiber textile of the FEEL Suave Thong underwear is perhaps why customer Jeffrey R. describes it as “extremely comfortable with an amazing lift”. The unique FEEL pouch concept makes this one of the most supportive large pouch underwear available, exclusively designed to accommodate genitalia up and away from the thighs.

This extra large pouch underwear features advanced microfiber technology, made with state-of-the-art SUAVE polyester-spandex blend, that adapts its shape to the man’s wearing habits. In addition to being ultra-soft against the skin, the fabric is highly elastic, and is preferred for its fast drying and moisture wicking features.

And now it's your turn. Can't find underwear for your big junk? Still looking for something to fully support your large member? you found a particular style that better cradles your jewels? Still looking for the perfect underwear for well endowed guys? Let us know in the comments below, whether you're a  grower or a shower, we'll help you choose the best style from our widest selection of men's pouch underwear!

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