7 Swimwear Styles You Need in Your Life in 2017

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7 Swimwear Styles You Need in Your Life in 2017
Try These Daring Bulge Swimsuit Styles in 2017

It’s a hot day and you’re looking to cool down by the pool, and maybe show off that perfect body you’ve been toning for months. 

But what’s the best men's enhancing swimwear to flaunt those chiseled abs and rounded buns? Now that there are a lot more skimpy swimwear styles and designs to choose from, shopping for men’s swimwear can bit overwhelming. From booty-hugging trunks to stretchy bikinis, here’s a breakdown of our most popular bulge enhancing swimwear styles for 2017.

1. There’s a lot of room in this trunk! - FEEL Swim Trunk

FEEL Swim Trunk - Black

What it is 

This  black swim trunk is the perfect symbol of the revolution in revealing men’s swimwear with the FEEL concept that features a roomy pouch designed to grasp the testicles up and away from the thighs.

What it does 

The FEEL pouch firmly adapts itself to your wearing habits thanks to the stretchy fabric that is designed for faster drying.

Sexy perks 

This well-constructed swimming trunk features a black insert that defines and draws attention to those perfectly chiseled buns you’ve been working on for months. 

The subtle slimming effect of this swimwear design adds definition in all the right places making you tantalising and irresistible. Let them lust all they want. You know who has the keys to this bad boy! 

2. Red alert! - FEEL Swim Bikini

FEEL Swim Bikini - Red

What it is 

The  red men’s bikini swimwear with the exclusive FEEL technology firmly hugs the genitals in a roomy pouch that gives a slight upward and forward lifting effect in the front.

What it does 

This swimsuit is made with the fast drying Polyamid/Spandex fabric that is perfect for use in water. Plus, it has superior stretch to help avoid squeezing of your testicles.

Sexy perks 

You know you’ve released your inner god in this drop dead gorgeous red bikini. 

Thanks to the adaptable shape of the pouch, your genitals fit perfectly in this eye-catching bikini swimwear. It’s the perfect bikini for an all-day bragging session showing off your ripped body by the pool or at the beach.

3. Too Sexy in the Black FEEL Swim Mini Trunk

FEEL Swim Mini Trunk

What it is 

A beautifully crafted  men's sexy black swimsuit which features a fabric insert that instantly enhances your manhood and creates a subtle slimming effect in the rear.

What it does 

With a pouch that firmly adapts to the male anatomy, the unique design keeps the testicles up and away from the legs and thighs so that your balls feel like they’re floating on a cloud.

Sexy perks 

In this mini trunk, you’re oozing sex appeal and that’s just the way you like it. You’re bound to feel sexier as the ergonomic design hugs your man parts and perfectly defines the derriere to create an instant slimming effect. 

When you step out in this swimwear, there’s no turning back from the seductive atmosphere you’ve undoubtedly created with your presence.

4. Step into the lime light! - FEEL Swim Bikini

FEEL Swim Bikini - Lime

What it is 

Lime colored men’s bikini swimwear with the exclusive FEEL technology Polyamid/Spandex fabric adds superior stretch for better durability and softness.

What it does 

This material retains its shape over time which means it’s perfect for use in water. The FEEL pouch offers a slight lifting effect in the front, designed to help avoid squeezing your man parts.

Sexy perks 

Did someone say ‘irresistible’? Ready or not, there’s a lot of attention coming your way when you’re in this bikini, thanks to the slight frontal lifting of the genitals which can be an instant turn on for your significant other. 

The adaptable shape of the pouch is designed to firmly hug and outline every part of your male anatomy. Hmm, maybe that’s why it’s hard to look away!

5. Not so teeny FEEL Swim Bikini

FEEL Swim Bikini Black

What it is 

black men’s bikini swimsuit with the exclusive FEEL technology that is known for its softness as well as its durability.

What it does 

The FEEL pouch slightly lifts the genitals to avoid squeezing and bunching making it super comfortable to wear. Plus, the superior stretch quality of the Polyamid/Spandex maintains its shape and quality over time.

Sexy perks 

For all you attention seekers out there, this swimsuit is for you. 

Revel in the mouthwatering stares as the adaptable pouch of this tiny bikini hugs the genitals firmly but gently, drawing all eyes to your man parts. 

The barely-there body hugging design makes this the perfect swimwear when you’re in the bragging mood.

6. The amazingly adapting FEEL Swim Mini Trunk

FEEL Swim Mini Trunk Calypso

What it is 

Calypso blue boxer brief with a roomy pouch in the front and anatomically correct design in the back to hug and define your curvy buns.

What it does 

The lifting and adapting pouch is designed to keep the testicles up and away from your legs and thighs, and, over time, adapts to your physique and wearing habits

Plus, the fast drying fabric makes it perfect for swimming.

Sexy perks 

You know the havoc you wreak in this swimwear and you don’t care! Your significant other will find it hard to resist staring at this dazzling trunk as it gracefully hugs the pelvic area. 

Attention draws immediately to the striking bulge in the adaptable pouch, provocatively held together by a red drawstring that gives easy access to the goodies inside.

7. Black and lime never felt so good - FEEL Swim Trunk

FEEL Swim Trunk - Black/Lime

What it is 

The  Black and lime speedo swimsuit briefs features a big pouch that will comfortably hold all you have to offer. 

What it does 

The FEEL pouch is designed specifically to accommodate the genitals up and away from your legs. 

Made from the highly stretchable Polyamid/elastan fabric, these male swim trunks adapt themselves to your wearing habits and are designed for faster-drying

Sexy perks 

You’re a hottie and you know it. That’s probably why you’re wearing this swim trunk that features a contrasting lime color insert which gives the illusion of a subtle slimming effect while simultaneously defining your chiseled buns. 

You’ve discovered the secret to looking good at the beach and there’s no holding you back now!

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There you have it. Our selection of the must-have swimwear styles for 2017. Bottom line, get them while they last. Who know, after this post, many styles may run out!

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