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Choosing Swimwear for Practice & Competitive Swimmers

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Choosing Swimwear for Practice & Competitive Swimmers

With 2017 already steaming with heat, it's a good time to look at your yearly fitness goals and plan your shopping for the coming season. If you're into swimming sports and looking your best in and out of the water, then you'll the Ergowear guide to sexy swimwear for swimmers.

There's a surprising number of  choices to make when it comes to purchasing men's swimwear. We obviously decided to narrow down this list to the bulge swimwear styles we carry and how they can be used to match the needs of most swimmers and athletes out there.

Many of you already have certain swimwear styles that you favor for certain types of swimming. Others simply take it more casual and wear whatever fits their mood. In either case, you can use this guide as a handy guide to help you perform better in your swimming laps.

A well-fitting swimwear can make a huge difference in your time in the pool. Whether it means no longer worrying about your suit coming down when pushing off walls, or enjoying the most iconic swimwear style as of late, the right swimwear may be all the stimulus you need to boost it in the water.

Here's some styles that have helped our customers in their competition and other  swimming goals.

Feel Swim Bikini

More in line with men's euro swimwear styles or so-called Speedos, the Feel swim bikini provides decreased drag with full motion range for all type of strokes. 

Bikinis are the recommended swimwear style for traditional lap swimming. They can also be worn for practice and racing, giving you some room in the vital zone. Although you'll enjoy a lot of attention created by the electric colors of the Feel swimwear line and enhancing bulge.

Feel Swim Mini Trunk

Longer than bikinis, these square leg swim trunks provide a fashion-forward look with its bulge and electric colors. This style is recommended for practice, but can also be used for racing if you don't care for the extra attention.

With seams lay flatter and closer to the body, the mini trunks provide a comfortable fit that won't chafe against your skin after vigorous training. The pouch design is very accommodating and comfortable.

Feel Swim Trunk

Men's Swim Trunk FEEL Black/Lime

The longest available version, these trunks hit mid-thigh, providing more coverage than traditional swimsuits.

Also referred to as jammers, these trunks tend to be favored by swimmers wanting a more modest suit. Although they are also picked by guys with hairy legs, as the fabric helps reduce drag.

Swimmers looking for a suit that can be worn for both practice and competition should buy these tight-fitting swim shorts for men.

If you feel uncomfortable at all by the prominent looking pouch. You can always wear them under board shorts.

Pay attention to  sizing, as wearing a size too tight can minimally restrict movement during breaststroke or treading water.

Important Details

All of the Feel swimwear styles are  manufactured in a polyester blend that combines the durability of polyamid (chlorine resistance and longer-lasting) and the stretch of LYCRA™ or spandex (more stretch and more forgiving), making them optimal for use in water.

Another important factor to consider when wearing any of these bikinis, trunks or mini trunks is that they can be worn under board shorts. If the pouch makes you feel uncomfortable at all. Although we doubt this will be a worrying issue for many.

Remember to always wash your swimwear after every use. All fabrics tend to get thinner over time, especially when exposed to sunlight and chlorine. It's recommended to hand-wash your swimwear with mild soap and tap water after each swim. It's also recommended to turn your suit inside out to avoid damaging the more delicate outer layer when washing and rinsing.

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