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10 Secrets You Didn't Know About Male Thongs

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10 Secrets You Didn't Know About Male Thongs
10 Secrets You Didn't Know About Male Thongs

If you’ve never worn a male thong, you’re probably wondering why more and more men are opting for this seemingly undersized underwear.

Is it really as comfortable as they say and can a thong support your package? Well, rest assured that modern design has come a long way to make the  male thong a suitable choice for all day wear, and not just an item to be ripped off by male strippers.

Today’s male thongs are not only attractive, they also offer men as much support and comfort as other underwear options. Here’s how to tell if you’re ready to wear a male thong.

1. Do you crave all day comfort?

The best thing about wearing good underwear is comfort. With a thong, you’ll quickly get used to the firm hug of the triangular shape on your genitals and the fact that there’s no annoying wedgie to worry about.

It can be worn all day while you carry on the usual activities. 

After a while, you’ll be amazed that instead of feeling awkward or uncomfortable, you’re walking around in confidence.

2. Does your package need support?

Feel Suave male thong

Don’t be put off by size of the thong. This type of underwear is built to provide super strong support to the male anatomy despite its itsy bitsy construction

Strong, durable material conforms to the wearer’s body and firmly hugs the genitals while supported by a sturdy elastic waistband.

3. Like to show off your hot bod?

When you’ve worked long and hard to carve out those perfectly chiseled buns, nothing should stop you from wanting to show them off. 

If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it? Wearing a thong is one of the best choices for men who like to show off their perfect body and enjoy the praise of spectator admiration. 

It might even motivate you to pick up your workout routine and work even harder to keep looking good in that thong.

4. Do you spend hours admiring your physique?

If you find it difficult to look away from the mirror, the thong is definitely for you! You’ve worked hard to get that body and it feels good to see the results

Even if you’re not one to show off in public, the intrigue of wearing a thong is enough to make you want to seize every moment to admire those finely tuned buns. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy walking around the house wearing next to nothing on a hot day?

5. Is foreplay important to you?

There’s nothing quite like  sexy men's underwear to set the mood for an evening of intimacy. A thong underwear is the perfect thing to wear when you want your body to do the talking for you. 

With its barely there coverage, the thong leaves little to the imagination but presents a whirlwind of options for an evening of passion. You don’t need to be a stripper to be the star of a private dance or do a slow strip tease for your partner. With this sensual underwear, the mood quickly heats up to get to what’s hiding underneath.

6. Want a cool, airy feeling down there?

Male thong pink

Stay cool in a thong! The genital area is one of the areas where men like to feel fresh and dry

So the barely naked coverage is one of the things that men love about wearing a thong, because they get to feel breezy and free, while the genital area is still firmly supported. 

Proper ventilation also lessens the chance for sweat buildup and odor-causing bacteria to thrive, so you can feel fresh for longer in the place where it matters most.

7. Is hygiene important to you?

With less fabric, there is less chance for bacteria to get trapped, which opens the door to odor and possible infection. Wash the thong often and you’re good to go! 

Less fabric also means that there are less stains and even less time washing. On the plus side, you’ll have more time to work on looking sexy in your thong.

8. Do you want a great tan?

Put on a thong and bask in the sunlight! Uneven tanning and huge tan lines can make you feel self-conscious no matter how confident you are. 

The tiny thong exposes more of your skin making it easier to achieve an all-over bronze glow that everyone craves.

Whether tanning on the beach or at a tanning studio, a thong is a more adequate choice of underwear to achieve the best results when tanning.

9. Ever wondered what women go through to look sexy for you?

Feel Suave male thong

Put on a thong! Women look drop dead gorgeous in them so how hard can it be? 

Truth be told, your first time may feel awkward, but only for a bit. 

Slip on a thong and you’ll soon discover that any apprehension you might have had about discomfort will soon melt away

The modern thong is a cozy piece of underwear that is designed in such a way that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for attractiveness. In no time, you’ll be modeling the thong like a pro, flexing those buns with your new discovery that  men can be sexy too!

10. Want to know what all the fuss is about?

We get it. You’re just curious. It seems that suddenly thongs have become the it underwear and everyone wants to wear them

Better design, firm support and comfortable options are drawing more and more men to join the band of thong wearers

With one tiny piece of underwear, they’ve solved the problem of wedgies and bulkiness underneath the clothes, AND get to walk around in sexy underwear that supports the package by day and turns up the heat at night. What’s there to lose? See some of our men pouch thongs.

Five Reasons Why Thongs Are Comfortable for Men

Man adjusting thong

If you are still hesitant about buying a thong for men, or if you think you won’t be as comfortable. Here’s our top five reasons of why you shouldn’t worry about thongs for men not being comfortable enough.

  1. Thongs are fantastic for every day wear, active wear and beach wear. They are particularly comfortable in warmer areas with high humidity.
  2. After a while, you get used to the firm hug of the pouch or sling at the front and the satisfaction that there’s no annoying wedgie to worry about.
  3. The main purpose of underwear is to keep your stuff in place. The extra unnecessary fabric on your back will not make you feel any more comfortable.
  4. The barely naked coverage is one of the things that men love about wearing a thong. They get to feel breezy, relaxed and free.
  5. Thongs can help you increase your sex appeal and show more confidence. Which can in turn boost your own self esteem.

Now you own, and if you still think thongs are for gay men only, or for women only, you’re totally wrong! Male thongs are at least if not more supportive than briefs. Nowadays, more and more men keep discovering this as the male thong trend grows.

But as always, comfort is the first priority when it comes to choosing underwear of any kind, even more when choosing a thong.

While you can find underwear with the perfect style, made from the perfect material and from the color that suits you best, if your underwear (or thong) does not fit correctly, you will be extremely uncomfortable and annoyed all day.

Just remember to be sure to find a thong that provides a comfortable fit, since thongs are usually less supportive and more revealing. Consider one of the MAX thongs with thick waistband for added support. Or try the skimpy FEEL or X3D styles for a low-cut more revealing look.

Did we miss anything? Do you have a secret for wearing a thong? Share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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