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Top-5 Sexy Men's Underwear Styles For Valentine's Day

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Wherever you go. Whatever you do. Whether you are close or far apart. Give your partner one of these men's underwear styles this Valentine's day.

sexy male underwear suggestions for valentines day

We recently posted an article about male underwear styles you should try on 2015. The article caught some fire in social media, and we don't want to delve too much on the feedback we received, but we want to say that we received both tremendous positive feedback, and some negative feedback as well.

So we want to use this opportunity to tell about the different underwear styles we are proposing and why we think your male sexuality should not be put into question.

First of all, let me say we are going to propose to you some styles that, as of today, are worn by males in all fields, including some styles worn by professional athletes, like those from the UFC championship, bicycle, swimmers, runners, TRX, surfers and many more males in all activity fields.

In reality, wearing these type of underwear does not have to be anything related with your sexuality, they are just aimed at having a better performance in your day-to-day activities.

That said, we are going to introduce some basic models which we think you should wear so you can get a boost, or simply a light enhancement during your day. Some styles are even going to look and feel completely different from traditional underwear, but trust me, once you try these, you'll learn to appreciate the difference.

Please also notice that its a difference that does not last for too long, it just lasts for a day, but its a difference that is worth feeling.

1. Debunking The Jockstrap Myth


Let's start with one of the most underrated and misunderstood items in male underwear. It's called a jockstrap, and a jockstrap is basically a pouch supported by a waistband and two straps that go from the bottom of your testicles to your hips. It's basically the opposite of a thong were there is just one vertical band starting from your lower back to the base of your testicles.

So, a jock strap goes actually from the end of the pouch, where your testicles end, and up towards your hips, running between your legs and your buttocks as shown in the picture.

If, by now you want to stop reading, let me say that the jockstrap was invented 141 years ago by a sporting goods company in order to provide comfort and support for bicycle jockeys working on the cobblestone streets.

I propose you to disregard all your white undies stage and just be more considerate and thoughtful of all the different undergarments that you can wear, that will literally lift your mood and boost your day to day performance and activities, for a change.

If you really have not made up your mind about wearing a thong, you should really start with at least a jockstrap. Even if you are not going to lift some weight, maybe you just want to try them when you go out at night to a club or bar. You are going to feel an incredible difference. It's a difference that only you know, something that no one else knows, at least not until later on. It's like a little game to play, like a little conspiracy that you play with yourself. Believe me, it's a very fun game to play.

2. Thongs Are For Everyone (And Maybe Not)

male thong

The second item I am going to talk about is the thong. Although be warned, the thong can be quite uncomfortable, specially at the pool, so it really depends on your personal preference.

Even though a thong it's not my first underwear choice, more than once I have worn a thong, specially at the beach, which really helps when getting a full tan. And it really does not have to be anything related with your sexuality, it's just comfortable, and a very convenient way to get a small fraction of your body protected, while feeling almost naked. Except, you are really not naked, and you also get some nice pouch that is going to show a bit of profiled look.

Given the slight enhancement a thong with pouch brings, your masculinity will barely be noticeable as fake, yet it will attract several looks. Don't feel like you are faking anything, its just a lifting based on the cut of the thong, so you'll definitely get some attention, specially on the rear.

For thongs, I think you should try something colorful, it could be a swim wear or it could be just some underwear. I would go for the lime swim thong which is very attractive and yet very interesting. You don't normally see this kind of thongs, while you are already wearing a thong, why not wear something colorful?

3. You Can't Miss The Mini Boxer

mini boxer

The third item I would like to propose is almost a staple. You can just go for some of the traditional boxer styles, some have low cut on the waist and short length specially good for thick legs. A mini boxer is going to give you a contoured shape and very sexy and comfortable looks.

I personally prefer the bikini but the mini boxer gives you great all-around protection. With this garment, there really is no questioning of your sexuality, less so when you have the thick signature waistband from Ergowear.

You'll just feel like more supported and it's just a very nice feeling when supported by a thick and soft waistband. Its fabric also adds another layer of comfort.

I think if you want to keep it real, and you really don't care about colors too much, or you don't want to worry about someone questioning you, you should go for a black mini boxer. Black looks pretty awesome and it basically matches every situation, whether fancy, casual or simply sporty. Now, if you don't mind adding a bit of spice into your wardrobe, try the new Max Light Pink Mini Boxer, ideal for this time of the year.

4. Just Feel This Bikini

mens bikini

Next I'd like to propose the bikini, the Feel bikinis in particular. This item does not have a waistband, it just has a low cut, with a very thin waistband and a pouch with no seams.

It has a convenient pouch that definitely adapts to your manhood. So in case there is any kind of movement or size change down there, you don't have to worry about adjusting anything, it will just adapt by itself, pointing down, sideways or up way.

I used to wear regular bikinis before. But I never liked how it (whether pointing up or down) always felt and looked flat. There really is no extra benefit when wearing a regular bikini. Besides the feeling of being crushed down there, if what you want is zero attention, that's the most you'll get when wearing a traditional bikini. Otherwise, start wearing a pouch bikini and notice and immediate difference in your attractiveness and mood.

When you wear a pouch bikini you literally get a boost without noticing, and you'll also get some attention without asking. And anyone can appreciate that, no matter what your sexuality is. I rest my case.

5. An Uber-Improved Tighty Whitey

mens midcut boxer brief

Finally I think you should try the mid cut, which is just your old-fashioned tighty-whitey with a twist of style and tech. Mid cuts are usually suggested for some sort of extreme climates. They offer full protection from chaffing in the groin area in humid climates, as well as providing a warm protection for your legs and crotch in colder climates.

I would also go for a waistband mid cut, because it offers full-on support. Your legs are also going to feel very tight with its compression effect, which makes you feel in general a bit boosted. An added benefit of the pouch mid cut is that it also gives you a profiled look with a pouch that can adapt down or up as you please.

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

That would be my main suggestions for  sexy mens underwear that should not question your sexuality. Of course this may seem incomprehensible at first, specially if you are stuck in the traditional style underwear. But believe me, a pair of well-crafted, well-designed, mood-enhancing underwear can help you achieve a better day, without having to do anything else besides just being.

Still not convinced? Maybe you can read some of our reviews to understand why everyone loves Ergowear. You think our products are too expensive? Think twice, registered customers can buy products at 50% off with our smart shopping approach, learn how and go ergonomic today!

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