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Ergowear Lines and Collections of Men's Underwear and Swimwear

The Ergowear brand boasts several impressive collections of male underwear and swimwear, masterfully designed to offer the best in ergonomics, fit, style, colour and durability to meet the needs of today’s modern man. From the famous pouch design to its trendy cut and comfort, there is an Ergowear underwear to match every man’s personal style.

  • FEEL Collection is a fully ergonomic line of slim and sophisticated men’s thongs, mini boxers, bikinis and boxer brief midcuts in durable fabrics and a masculine low cut style. The collection, which includes the FEEL Classic and Original as well as FEEL Suave, features the Ergowear signature seamless, adaptable pouch.
  • MAX Collection boasts the Max Suave, Max Mesh, Max Light and Max Premium brands. The line includes thongs, bikinis, boxers and midcuts that carry a deep pouch style suitable for men with a larger anatomy.
  • Suave Collection includes the FEEL Suave, Max Suave and X3D Suave lines made with a luxury microfiber blend of polyester and spandex for a stretchy, breathable, fast-drying material that feels super soft on the skin.
  • X3D Collection includes a selection of thongs, bikinis, mini boxers, briefs and mid cuts with the signature three dimensional pouch designed to lift the genitals for comfort and added movement. The microfiber fabric provides sturdy support with high elasticity and breath-ability for an all-day fresh feeling.
  • TRIO Collection is a colorful series that appeals to men with an adventurous lifestyle. It offers men's bikinis and mini boxers in vivid colour combinations, complimented by its highly supportive cotton-lycra fabric and featuring the three-dimensional ergonomic pouch design.
  • Gold Suave Collection features an impressive gold waistband that complements the Max Suave boxers, bikinis and thongs. The ideal underwear for romantic moments, the line is available in several macho colours like burgundy, royal blue, dark turquoise and bold black.