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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about buying mens pouch underwear at Ergowear.

1. Do I really need ergonomic underwear?

If you ask yourself this question you probably should also ask to yourself, do you need underwear at all? Because we are quite sure your answer is a resounding yes, we are also sure everyone should use ergonomic underwear. If you've ever felt intimate discomfort during long meetings or drives, pinching or itchiness during walks, some kind of public embarrasment or even pain from pressure in the scrotum you should start using ergonomic underwear today. Our pouch underwear and swimwear styles provide the best fit, style and comfort that you will ever require for a male underwear.

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2. I've checked my account. What happens if my package has not been shipped?

If shipping of your package has been delayed for any reason. You can use any contact means to let us know. We normally respond within regular working hours in EST. If this is the case, please remember to always send us your order number for faster response.

Also, once a ticket has been raised, we will get in contact with you until we have received confirmation that the item has been received.

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3. Can I trade my underwear or swimwear purchase if the size is incorrect?

For obvious reasons, we don't normally trade back items that have already been used. That's why we encourage our customers to get in contact with our customer service department prior to any purchase. We will try to make our best guess. If you receive an item and think it will not fit properly we suggest you hold it to your waist without taking off any tags. If you need to return it please log into your account at Ergowear, go to the order in your order history and click on RETURN. Then follow the instructions. 

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4. Do you ever fail?

We really, really try our best to meet world-class service standards. But since we run an international retail operations with several parties involved. Sometimes shipping to some locations or keeping perfect track of inventory can be tricky. Yet, we have been manufacturing and shipping underwear for over a decade, so you can be sure we have a lot of experience and will make everything possible to keep you satisfied. Even if sometimes this means that we must pay some extra money. It's all for your satisfaction.

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5. How long does it takes you to ship?

We normally ship within 2-7 days of having received payment confirmation. Why? Two days is the minimum because all too often it happens hat clients contact us the day after placing the order with change requests. And sometimes when inventories are low, it can happen that the same item is ordered simultaneously by different clients. Because we are the manufacturers, the extra couple of days usually gives us the possibility of making the extra item needed. 


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6. If there is some product I really, really didn't like. Do you take returns?

Sometimes a product simply isn't as expected and you would like to return it. If it's unused, simply go to your account, click on the order and fill in a return request. This helps us keep track of returns and process them accordingly. If you have already used it, don't worry - please do contact us explaining in detail what happened and we will try to work out a solution. But please understand that we cannot honor requests that are unreasonable.  

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7. What happens if I don't receive my package?

If you haven't received your package, but we have delivery confirmation from the courier, we will contact them and ask about your shipment with the tracking and or parcel number. The main reason for customer's not receiving their order is because of some issues with the courier. Please get in contact with us with your order number and you will get a response within 24 hours in regular CST working hours.

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8. I placed an order but didn't choose the correct sizes, can I change it?

Yes, you can. If you happen to notice a change of sizes or products in your order within a reasonable time, it very likely we will make the change and update your order.

Also, just letting you know, if we ever stumble into an order that looks suspicious, for example, you ordering a size M and a sixe XL, we will double check your order with you before shipping. That's our level of commitment to your total satisfaction!

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9. I don't speak English. Help please!

No problem, our agents speak Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian!

No hay problema - ¡también hablamos Español! Y en Chrome puedes usar la herramienta Google Translate en la barra superior de cada pantalla. Sabemos que la traducción no es perfecta, pero al menos ayuda en los pasos del proceso de compra.

Não tem problema - também falamos Português! Em Chrome também é possivel usar a ferramenta Google Translate na barra superior de cada tela. Sabemos que a tradução não é perfeita, mas pode ajudar no processo de compra.

Kein Problem - wir sprechen auch Deutsch! Und Sie können mit Chrome auf jeder Seite oben die Google Translate Funktion aktivieren. Wir wissen, dass die automatische Übersetzung bei weitem nicht perfekt ist, sie kann aber beim Bestellungsvorgang sehr hilfreich sein.

Non c'è problema - parliamo anche l'italiano! Se usi Chrome puoi anche attivare Google Translate su ogni pagina. Sappiamo che la traduzione non è perfetta, ma può essere una gran aiuta nella compra.

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