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FLEX Specifications

Best-in-Class Dive!

This is what makes the FLEX product line so special:

FLEX Swimwear Pouch Specifications

This product line has a much less revealing design from the outside and yet remains true to our ergonomic design concepts.

All items of our FLEX Collection are fitted with a double horizontal elastic band that can be used in different ways (see red arrows in drawing) to lift the genitals into a very roomy pouch that accomodates them very comfortably, without crushing them, and without too much exposure. The penis can be placed sideways or front/down. The illustration shows the typical position of male genitals in most swimwear (A) and in Ergowear FLEX (B to G).

The fabric is polyamide-elastane, a flexible, durable, fast-drying and breathable combination of polyamide and elastane fibers. Although the chemical components are similar to those of microfiber, the yarn thickness and construction is more heavy-duty making it more resistant to water, salt and chemicals*. When wet, this fabric will NOT become transparent in any of the colors, but - as all fabrics containing elastane - it will attach closely to the skin and the effect may be quite revealing. This is true whether or not a liner has been inserted underneath. We recommend checking this when you get out of the water and adjusting if needed.

No inner liner for extra fast drying.

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* As long as adequate care is taken, such as hand washing immediately after use, and drying at the shade after washing. Specially when exposed to strong chemicals.