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MAX Suave

MAX Suave: The Softest Fabric Meets The Maximum Support

The MAX line of underwear for men in MAX Suave styles offer the sporty look of the MAX line, with Suave, one of the most technologically perfected fabrics ever used in male underwear.

A flagship style has been revitalized with our new product. MAX offers a resistant and sporty shape, with deep pouch and vertical seams. The bulge lightly lifts your genitals away from your legs, giving you at the same time wide room for any kind of motion. MAX male underwear offers a highly-supportive style, with an enhancing and extremely comfortable fabric.

Suave boosts the comfort and convenience of the line unlike anything else. Whether looking for a highly-durable undergarment, a strong-yet-soft style, or simply the most comfortable underwear for men in the world. MAX Suave will maximize your benefit!