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MAX Underwear

Our original and successful Max line of men's underwear comes in the widest variety of fabrics, styles and pouch depths. MAX styles come in thongs, bikinis, boxers and midcuts in Suave, Mesh, Light and Premium fabrics. A well rounded package for your boys!

MAX Suave is extremely Suave

Featuring one of the most technologically perfected fabrics ever used in men's pouch underwear, MAX Suave offers a resistant and sporty shape, with a deep pouch and vertical seams, and an extremely cozy and soft fabric made in a durable yet soft combination of Polyester-Spandex Microfiber.

MAX Mesh is a must-have!

Made from a Polyester/Spandex ~8:1 blend, the best-selling MAX Mesh designs of thongs, bikinis, boxers and midcuts is a must-have! With its signature waistband, its contrasting colors and stitching in vertical seams, and its breathe-through fabric good for warm and cold temperatures, MAX Mesh will compliment your underwear drawer.

MAX Light... at the end of the Tunnel!

A Modal-Lycra blend with the signature three-dimensional pouch on MAX design, provides sportier look and better support with its classic 1 1/3" Ergowear waistband in black or white. Providing the highest depth in Ergowear pouches, this line comes in a colorful assortment of energy, joy and pleasure. Men's thongs, bikinis, boxers and midcuts will spice up your days as well as your nights. Dare to be bold!

MAX Premium, will finish your tedium

The MAX Premium collection is made from cotton-Lycra fibers and features colors that have been kept simple and moderate, yet polished and handsome. With an ergonomically designed three-dimensional pouch, characteristic of the MAX family, these bikinis, boxers and midcuts have standard elasticity, humidic absorption and breathability. Including a nose-shaped pouch with above-standard depth and uplifting effect.