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MAX XV - Men's Midcut Navy - Front

MAX XV Long John - Navy


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  • Product Description

    Men’s full coverage for cold season

    Tired of looking for comfort and warmth during the chilly months without success? Well mate, this Winter you will have to look no further! We are introducing our first layer Long Johns to help you cope with the low temperatures, but never losing freedom, style or sex-appeal.

    Our new MAX XV Long John is available in sizes S, M, L and XL in Navy Blue, so that you can add that missing piece to your XV Collection.

    Maximum Comfort

    These Long Johns are guarantee of MAXimum comfort with the incorporation of our innovative & enhancing MAX pouch.

    Our 3-dimensional, nose-shaped MAX pouch gently lifts your anatomy and provides you with enough room, so that everything stays in place, even for well-endowed guys, without feeling that confining sensation. Flat- sewn for more comfort and freedom, as there's little chaffing upon skin. Experiment cutting-edge leg definition with the ergonomic design as well.

    So comfy & supportive that you’ll be able to take part in any kind of physical activities despite motion, as they are highly resistant and durable.

    Full-length Style

    These full- length undies will keep your genitals fresh and away from thighs, so that you may wear either sports apparel or those skinny jeans in your wardrobe. No matter your shape, everyone will look their best when wearing one of these Long Johns during the cold season.

    Softness and moisture management is achieved through microfiber and elastane, ensuring perfect fit, support and shape retention.

    This Navy Blue Long John Features:

    • Fully ergonomic design
    • 3-dimensional MAX pouch
    • Manufactured in hyper-soft polyamide
    • 40 mm (1" 37/64) wide waistband in satin finish, with three discreet Ergowear logos applied
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  • Other Details

    Shape: Low-cut pouch long john.
    Pouch: 3-dimensional, nose-shaped, lifting & enhancing effect, large size, vertically flat-sewn seam, no lining.
    Waistband: 40 mm (1 4/7") wide waistband, satin finish, with three monochrome Ergowear logos applied.
    Fabric: Microfiber: 89% Polyamide, 11% Spandex. Very soft on skin, highly elastic, very low moisture absorption.
    Care: For best long-term appearance retention avoid high temperature washing or drying. Do not bleach or iron. Wash separately from rough items that could damage fibers (zippers, buttons).