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Trouble Deciding?

We know it's hard choosing mens pouch underwear for the first time! If you're new to the world of ergonomic underwear and swimwear most likely you're going to be asking yourself several questions before buying your first pair, or probably you have already bought some of our products but are curious on trying others.

Look no further! We've charted the common differences between all our underwear & swimwear brands and styles. Whether you're looking for highly elastic fabrics, humidic absortion, breathe ability or specific pouch shapes and depths, we feature a variety of undergarments that should suffice the needs of every male.

We know a thing or two about male anatomic comfort, we've been manufacturing and selling ergonomic underwear and swimwear for men since 2002. Start your journey into the perfect pouch underwear and swimwear now!

Pouch Underwear Product Comparison

Find your perfect underwear using this chart. Start with a fabric style and move to a pouch shape and style.

  Feature   FEEL X3D MAX Premium MAX Light MAX Suave MAX Mesh FEEL Suave
  Fabric   Polyester-Spandex Polyamide-Spandex Microfiber Cotton-Spandex Modal-Spandex Polyester-Spandex Microfiber Polyester-Spandex Mesh Polyester-Spandex Microfiber
    Elasticity Medium High Medium Medium Medium High High
    Humidity absorbtion Medium None Medium High Medium Medium None
    Breathability Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium High Medium
    Antimicrobial No No No No No No No
  Pouch   3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D
    Shape Adaptable “Nose” “Nose” “Nose” “Nose” “Nose” Adaptable
    Depth* 4 3 4 5 4 4 4
    Lift Effect Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Vertical seam No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Liner No No No No No No No
  Waistband   Concealed Concealed Visible Visible Visible Visible Concealed

* 5 feels deepest, 1 feels least deep 


Pouch Swimwear Product Comparison

And this is the comparison for all our swimwear collections:

Fabric   Polyamid-elastane Polyamid-elastane Polyamid-elastane Polyamid-elastane
  Elasticity High High High High
  Humidity absorbtion None None None None
  Breathability High High High High
Pouch   3D 3D 3D 3D
  Shape “Nose” Loose Loose “Cup”
  Lift Effect Yes Yes Yes No
  Vertical seam Yes No No Yes
  Liner No No No Yes
Drawstring   Some Yes Yes No