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Factory Seconds

Factory defect underwear and swimwear

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Factory defect underwear and swimwear, factory seconds underwear, clothing seconds underwear, factory irregular underwear, factory imperfect underwear, slightly irregular underwear, slightly imperfect underwear are all terms used to describe underwear and swimwear that did not meet our manufacturing strict quality guidelines for first-quality, non-defective men’s underwear and swimwear with pouch and which are considered factory rejects.

Factory defects underwear can range from minor defects, considered slightly irregular or slightly imperfect, to defects in elastic waistband, elasticity outside of normal tolerance ranges, minor stains in fabrics, knots, or small holes. Ergowear does not sell any rags or pound goods and therefore all products advertised, while damaged, can be worn.

These factory defects are normally purchased by people seeking quality men’s pouch underwear and swimwear at bargain prices.

Normally all items that are rejected by our quality control unit are available for sale only in our Factory Outlet in Santiago, Chile. However, when a larger batch has a minor fault that is relatively consistent, you can find the products here: