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Smart Shopping Step by Step

Below is a step by step guide on how to get the most out of the smart shopping discounts. We have made our best to show the necessary steps along with adding some visuals in order to make it more relevant and explicit. Follow the steps below and learn how to get up to 50% off in all of our products!

Step 1. Register as a Customer

Although it is possible to purchase an Ergowear product as a guest, without needing to create a customer account, we really encourage you to create an account; in addition to the obvious benefits like keeping track of your orders or checking the status of a current order, creating an account also ensures you will get a 10% off on all future orders even if you only order one item per style and color.  

By the way, this does not mean you will be receiving our newsletters - you could opt out any time.


And don't worry about disclosing too much information. We have a standard registering process and privacy policy, and will not be asking for irrelevant information. We will simply ask you to complete the form as shown below and you will have created your account in no time:



Step 2. Increase Product Quantity

Now that you are a registered customer, you should add additional items of the same color and style so they will be charged at up to 50% off the listed price. In order for you to see the effect, first change the number of products to - say - 2 in our former example. The cart should reload automatically (if not, use the "update" button at the bottom of the cart) and it should now look like this: 



How is this calculated? The first product was charged at the list price of US$28.88, and the second product at the list price minus a 50%, amounting to US$ 14.49. This sums up to US$ 43.47 -also, you can forget about the 17 cents, they're on us!

See that if you increase the quantity of products even more, you will notice the average price continues to drop as additional units are charged at 50% OFF the list price.


Disclaimer: Some items may not qualify for the smart shopping discounts or have different discount levels; but consider that whatever discount is applied, you will always see the final values you will pay in US$ as shown in the shopping cart.

As simple as that, just by following the steps above you now know how to get the most out of the available smart shopping discounts. Now start your journey into sophisticated men's underwear and swimwear now!