Why everyone loves us?


Why Everyone Loves Us

While not many days can be counted as discovering something so exhilarating and thrilling! Fortunately for you, this day can be marked as the day where you discovered your favorite men's pouch underwear in the world.

We're really excited that you have get this far in your quest to finding that ultra comfortable underwear to support you at all times. Trust me, today you may discover a new world, a world you never even considered possible, but once you experience it, you'll become a different, improved, even enhanced person, day after day!

From day one, we at Ergowear have committed to manufacturing the best men's pouch underwear in the world. We take a quasi scientific approach to manufacturing practices in pouch underwear and swimwear, this approach often includes our internal research and development loops, as well as customer feedback and constant monitoring of new fabrics, materials, cutting & sewing techniques, as well as what's trending in the men's fashion world from top brands and designers.

So to be fair, we really, really, really spend a lot of time thinking in ways to improve our designs. And as you will see from the reviews below, we have been taking this approach for almost 15 years now, so you can be safe that when you buy Ergowear, you are buying an extremely high-quality, hyper-comfortable, durable and sexy piece of men's underwear with pouch that has been anatomically proven by thousands of happy customers.


Ergowear has been in business since 2002, but there have been several upgrades to our website. After the last one we switched to Yotpo as our exclusive review monitor. As you can see, we make an effort to showcase pouch underwear reviews from our customers, not only because we value their feedback, but also because we think they can offer some light into your future purchase of pouch underwear.

From what style to use in specific occasions, to what things to look for in underwear, and several other considerations that our customers thought relevant when writing their pouch underwear review.

But this is the Internet, and as e-commerce owners became more conscious of the importance of reviews in convincing new customers to place orders, it also became apparent that some of those reviews were not authentic. So we wrote an article with guidelines when shopping men's underwear online.

We understood that and searched for an independent service that could give our new clients assurance that the reviews they see are all authentic, and written by real customers. So, since 2013, the reviews you see on the product pages as well as the site ratings are all certified by, a leading site dedicated to providing a platform for authentic and accurate reviews to top e-commerce sites.



The reviews below were posted on our previous website. We think they are an invaluable resource for those looking for the best-in-class ergonomic underwear and swimwear for men. If you are looking for an entertaining read, go on, as you'll discover the fun, comfy and pseudo-magical world of ergonomic underwear and swimwear. We also encourage you to check out some forums for even more reviews. Start your journey into ergonomic underwear today!

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MAX InCopper Boxer - White by Jeremy (New Zealand) April/2013
epmp09-b-1x2.jpgEPMP09B I've previously brought these in black as I thought white would stain more easily. So far I'v been pleasantly surprised. White certainly looks very sexy on as its not just plain white but has a yellowish/gold pinstripe running through as a point of difference. The material definitely works- any times theres wetness/moisture on the inside it very quickly is transferred to the outside which is amazing. A great pair of underwear. The Max pouch is the most comfotable ergowear pouch. Thanks ergowear for such great trunks!!



MAX CONTRAST Boxer - Red/White by Jeremy (New Zealand) April/2013
epmc06-r-1x1.jpgEPMC06R Very comfortable with a great bold colour. Nice to have some underwear witha bit of life in them. It'd be awesome if ergowear could bring out more colourful or patterned underwear too


MAX TRIO Boxer - Black/Red by Jeremy (New Zealand) April/2013
epmt06-n-2x1.jpgEPMT06N Very soft and sexy material. Ergowear has a brilliant fit and feel and are my favourite brand of underwear. Everything fits so snugly


Dream Pyjama - Mink* by Neil (United States) March/2013
emdr08-m-2l1-b.jpgEMDR08M Once you wear a pair of these you will never sleep in anything else again! Better than sleeping naked!


MAX LIGHT Midcut - Black by donald (United States) February/2013
emmp08-n-2x1-b.jpgEMMP08N The best underwear you will ever own. High quality fabric, total comfort and great customer service.


MAX Compression Long Pant - Black by John (United States) February/2013


I bought these awhile back as I have found a problem ever since I started to wear underwear from Ergowear....I can not wear anything else! Honestly, I love to wear thongs and when paired with standard long johns, I could not stand my thighs touching. So I wear the long shorts with them and now the problem is too much material (too hot), so I went for these. Hone the surface I love them. The ONLY 2 issues I have is 1. that they do not want to stay up for me when exercising. I find that I am constantly hiking them up. and 2. the pouch on these seems to be a tad smaller than that on the thongs, briefs, bikinis, etc. Aside from these two items, I love them and will buy another pair soon!


MAX PREMIUM Midcut - Heather by Hans (Germany) January/2013


Very good product. I am wearing this all the winter and it is keeping me warm and happy ;-)


BSC MiniBoxer - Black by Christopher (United States) January/2013

Hi! Just received my package today. These are GREAT! It's what I have been looking for, for years!!! I wish the seat wasn't so Euro cut. I like a full seat, but a slim bikini band. Thanks for all you do! Chris

EW: You can try using one size larger. Yes, the waistband will feel a little looser, but it won't come off, and the seat area will definitely increase. This is one of the reasons why our sizes are overlapping.


MAX Compression Long Pant - Black by Leo (Netherlands) January/2013
elmp07-n-2x1-bb.jpgELMP07N I recently purchased a Max compression long pant and I´m very pleased with it. I´m a wheelchair user and therefore sitting down all day and the Max compression long pant gives a perfect fit. Please make more colors.


MAX PREMIUM Boxer - Heather by John (United States) January/2013
epmp06-g-2x4.jpgEPMP06G Bought both the heather and white color. These boxers are GREAT! Being a showoff, I wore these when a ladyfriend visited. They are designed to really let your package stand out, and my ladyfriend could not keep from constantly looking. That turned ME on, and then my package REALLY stood out. These boxers are TOO much fun, you will enjoy them, and they are extremely comfortable. Be daring and have an adventure.


MAX LIGHT Midcut - Black by Joseph (United States) January/2013


I bought a pair of these at the same time I bought two pairs of the Max Compression Shorts. I wanted to compare these as compression shorts to wear while playing racquetball and working out. I like the compression shorts for this purpose a little more than these because they seem to give more support. However, I have worn these a couple of times as well and they are definitely comfortable and soft on the skin.


MAX PREMIUM Bikini - White by Dieter (Germany) January/2013
esmp06-b-3x1.jpgESMP06B Well, I got one Cocksox and the pouch is indeed different from yours. The main advantage of yours is the push up of the balls which Cocksox does not, it just gives extremely more down room of the penis, which indeed is original, -but for now I like yours more.


PLUS III InCopper Boxer - Black by Greg (Afghanistan) January/2013
epp309-n-2x2.jpgEPP309N The InCopper Boxers are better than our issued underwear in almost every way. To start the ergonomic fit and the 3 dimensional pouch give you the perfect support in all the right places. The 3 dimensional pouch is great because it holds your genitals in a pouch that is comforting and away from the body. Which allows them to breath better than the traditional briefs that we get issued that just smash you genitals against your body. This causes them to sweat and become moist causing them to stick to the body. This also provides a great environment for microorganisms to grow. What I like about the InCopper underwear the most is the antimicrobial properties of it. Knowing that you’re going to be in the field for a couple of days and not having the ability to shower for a couple of days you don't have to worry about Jock itch or anything else with these. You just put these on and go... SGT / US Army, currently stationed in Afghanistan (name changed by Ergowear to protect reviewer's privacy)


X3D Brief - White by John (United States) November/2012
esxd05-b-2x1.jpgESXD05B These briefs are excellent. Great feel and fit. Wore them when my ladyfriend musician came over to our house to practice. She enjoyed them as much as I did.


PLUS III Brief - Royal by Leo (Canada) October/2012
ebp306-a-2x2.jpgEBP306A I really like this brief - it looks like a traditional brief, but the front pouch has a really nice design to accomodate everything out front, but without the protruding shape of some other styles. Totally my favorite now! Thanks guys


X3D Swimsuit Bikini - Royal Blue by massimo (Italy) September/2012
eslj04-a-1x1.jpgESLJ04A bellissimo in tutti i colori veste ok e molto comodo e sexi x me e il numero 1 come costume mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^


X3D Squarecut - Black by Anthony (United States) September/2012
epxd04-n-1x1-b.jpgEPXD04N I must say that these have been the absolute most comfortable underwear I have ever worn! I have some of the "Life" underwear brand with the pouch from Wal-Mart which I though was the Bomb. I was so wrong! These Blow the "Life" pouch underwear out of the water. The biggest reason is that these do not need any attention whatsoever & they stay in place & do not move on your body. The "Life" ones I have to pull out of my crack every so often & that is annoying to say the least cause they do not have the hugging elements that the "Ergowear" ones do! My 1st purchase a few Months ago was for 5 pair of the X3D Midcut - Black & I absolutely love them! Today I purchased another order from for 5 x PLUS III InCopper Midcut Black & 1 pair of the X3D Square cut Black Swim wear to wear in my Hot Tub! I must say that you really get what you pay for & the "Ergowear" is Top of the Line when it comes to Mens underwear! You absolutely cannot go wrong getting "Ergowear" for your Junk!


PLUS III Midcut - Black by Anthony (United States) September/2012
emp306-n-1x1.jpgEMP306N I must say that these have been the absolute most comfortable underwear I have ever worn! I have some of the "Life" underwear brand with the pouch from Wal-Mart which I though was the Bomb. I was so wrong! These Blow the "Life" pouch underwear out of the water. The biggest reason is that these do not need any attention whatsoever & they stay in place & do not move on your body. The "Life" ones I have to pull out of my crack every so often & that is annoying to say the least cause they do not have the hugging elements that the "Ergowear" ones do! My 1st purchase a few Months ago was for 5 pair of the X3D Midcut - Black & I absolutely love them! Today I purchased another order from for 5 x PLUS III InCopper Midcut Black & 1 pair of the X3D Square cut Black Swim wear to wear in my Hot Tub! I must say that you really get what you pay for & the "Ergowear" is Top of the Line when it comes to Mens underwear! You absolutely cannot go wrong getting "Ergowear" for your Junk! 


X3D Midcut - Black by Anthony (United States) September/2012
emxd05-n-2x1.jpgEMXD05N I must say that these have been the absolute most comfortable underwear I have ever worn! I have some of the "Life" underwear brand with the pouch from Wal-Mart which I though was the Bomb. I was so wrong! These Blow the "Life" pouch underwear out of the water. The biggest reason is that these do not need any attention whatsoever & they stay in place & do not move on your body. The "Life" ones I have to pull out of my crack every so often & that is annoying to say the least cause they do not have the hugging elements that the "Ergowear" ones do! My 1st purchase a few Months ago was for 5 pair of the X3D Midcut - Black & I absolutely love them! Today I purchased another order from for 5 x PLUS III InCopper Midcut Black & 1 pair of the X3D Square cut Black Swim wear to wear in my Hot Tub! I must say that you really get what you pay for & the "Ergowear" is Top of the Line when it comes to Mens underwear! You absolutely cannot go wrong getting "Ergowear" for your Junk! Your Junk never FELT or LOOKED so GOOD! TRUST ME! Thank you "Ergowear"


PLUS III InCopper Brief - Black by Martijn (Netherlands) July/2012
ebp309-n-2x2.jpgEBP309N This brief really does it for me. The very surprising SEAMLESS pouch shapes everything very well while keeping it all nicely in place. The PlusIII design in combination with Ergowear's InCopper fabric fits like no underwear does. Uniquely!


MAX LIGHT Midcut - Black by Jimmy (United States) June/2012
emmp08-n-2x1-b.jpgEMMP08N I finally got the package and tried on one pair. They are great. The only thing I ask Ergowear to consider is making a full cut brief in addition to this midcut. I am a tall man with a longer mid section of my body and the midcuts are a little low in the front. The briefs I get from CK and John Siever are full cut briefs and are the perfect fit for the garment. In measuring your midcut and their full cut, there is a 2 inch difference from the crouch to the Ergowear waist band. The Ergowear is 12" and both the CK and John Siever are both 14". For us taller guys who have a longer trunk for the mid body, the Ergowear midcuts are not that perfect body fit, however, the three-dimensional pouch design is right on target. When I put them on and pull them up, there is little to no adjustments necessary as compared to the John Siever and CK brands. I have not tested the shrinkage yet, to see if that will tighten up the XXL. I will wash that one test pair this weekend and decide if I need to send the other 4 un-opened packs back to you for an exchange to XL. Overall shy of the midcut, they are the best fit I've found. I give you all these comments because I look for the best fits and recommend them in my travels throughout the world.


Dream Pyjama - Black by Pablo (Chile) June/2012
emdr08-n-2a1.jpgEMDR08N Innovador producto, super cómodo. Ajustado sólo de donde corresponde, las piernas. El resto es completa libertad, felicitaciones


X3D Swimsuit Bikini - Black by Gabriel (United Kingdom) May/2012
eslj04-n-1x1.jpgESLJ04N Really nice - comfy pouch, true to shape but the black color makes it more discreet than the other colors. Highly recommended!


Dream Pyjama - Black by Charles (United States) May/2012
emdr08-n-2a1.jpgEMDR08N MAAAGIC ! Supersoft,, sexy, and the opening is designed so cleverly that you never need to worry when you are walking around the house with nothing else on... For the winter PLEASE make a matching T-shirt!


FLEX Swimsuit - Green/Yellow by George (United Kingdom) May/2012
efxs04-v-2d1.jpgEFXS04V This swimsuit takes care of an issue that can be a nuisance: You all know what happens when you swim in really cold water, right? The new double straps inside the pouch make sure that your "package" stays out there, no matter what! Took me some time to figure out how to use it, but now it's the only swimsuit I use.


Dream Pyjama - Mink* by Aaron (United States) May/2012


Just received this pyjama and I'm getting the other two colors TODAY!! At last someone came up with a pyjama short that is supercomfy but isn't just one of those loose, shapeless boxers. It had to be Ergowear! I know you don't do any tops, but a pyjama T-shirt to go with these would be great!


MAX LIGHT Brief - Black** by Mark (United States) May/2012
ebmp08-n-2x1.jpgEBMP08N This is my second order. I was very impressed with the comfort and quality of the MAX Light briefs. There is a good chance that I will only wear Ergowear underwear for the rest of my life!


PLUS III InCopper Brief - White by Aaron (United States) May/2012
ebp309-n-2x2.jpgEBP309B My personal favorite - of all your designs this is the one that really has the perfect room in the pouch but is not so protruding. I have a delicate skin and this material makes me feel safe from dermatitis I have had in the past. Thanks guys!


MAX InCopper Boxer - Black by Jeremy (New Zealand) April/2012
epmp09-n-2x2.jpgEPMP09N A spectacular boxer- all natural fibres and I think it really does whisk the moisture and abcteria away. If it gets damp etc I find the inside soon becomes dry and things move to the outside a bit more. Well worth the buy not only for its scientific properties but also simply because its such a comfortable boxer to wear. Thanks heaps Ergowear!


MAX LIGHT Boxer - Burgundy* by Gabriel (United Kingdom) April/2012



Great material for the summer - feels soft ad almost fresh when you touch it, and really stretches nicely.


MAX LIGHT Midcut - Black by Andrew (United States) April/2012
emmp08-n-2x1-b.jpgEMMP08N The new Max Light midcuts are great! The legbands are perfect and no longer cut into my leg like the old style. The fabric is soft and as usual the max pouch provides excellent support for my sac and cock!


PLUS II Thong - Black by Daniel (Argentina) March/2012
etp206-n-2x1.jpgETP206N Hoy en mi domicilio el pedido, lo trajo el Correo Argentino, ... firmé una planilla y, todo listo! Muy bueno el camuflado interior (por el tipo de papel, aparentaba ser un simple presente ó regalito). ... procedí a probarme las prendas, no se imaginan la sensación al ponerme cada una de ellas, la talla S que me recomendaron, a la perfección!, el calce, el confort y la sensación del contacto de la piel con la tela de las prendas, es indescriptible! Desde hace muchos años, por una cuestión de higiene, yo me depilo toda la zona testicular, por esa razón, no te puedo describir la sensación cuando todo el escroto descansa dentro de la copa, la suavidad de la piel sin vello al contacto con la tela; no hay palabras que puedan expresar esa comodidad, así que, todo bien!, soy un cliente más, satisfecho! Gracias por el asesoramiento y la atención, cuando mi entorno, se entere de mi compra, seguro los voy a recomendar, porque les voy a decir: \"Satisfacción total y garantizada\", realmente valió la pena operar con Uds., y esperar todo este tiempo, que por mi consabida ansiedad, fué algo prolongado.- Otra vez, gracias!


PLUS III InCopper Midcut - Black by Bob (United States) February/2012
emp309-n-2x2.jpgEMP309N Thank you for making this amazing boxer in black, too! The original Incopper boxer (that I love!) looks great in white, but this is more practical when it comes to stains... This also looks more masculine. An absolute MUST for every guy!


X3D Swimsuit Bikini - Red by michael (Australia) January/2012
eslj04-r-1x1.jpgESLJ04R Hey ! Went for a sunrise swim this morning in my red X3Ds. Beach was empty except for a hot girl in a micro g-string. Got hard checking her out, which she saw. She followed me into the water, put her hand down my suit and WOW !!!!!!!! You can guess the rest....THANK YOU Ergowear !!!!!!


X3D Swimsuit Bikini - Calypso by massimo (Italy) November/2011
eslj04-c-1x1.jpgESLJ04C ottimo prodotto speciale mai visto un costume cosi comodo e\' molto sexi col davanti pensato propio x uomo x sua forma ottimo prodotto la ergowear fa tutti prodotti ottimi !!!!!!!! English: Excellent product, special, never seen such a comfy swimsuit; very sexy with that pouch designed for man for his shape. Excellent product from Ergowear, that makes only great products!!!!!!


PLUS III InCopper Boxer - White by Bob (United States) November/2011
epp309-i-2x2.jpgEPP309B Really great product! I drive heavy equipment outdoors so I need to wear very warm clothes but I also sweat a lot when I'm inside. With this Incopper line I feel safe from germs building up and thumbs up also for the new PLUS design - it looks like any underwear when I'm in the lockers after work but you got the extra space in front!


X3D Midcut - Black by Grahame (New Zealand) November/2011
emxd05-n-2x1.jpgEMXD05N I wear these x3d midcut as cycling shorts. Do not require padding with the special comfort seat that is on my bicycle. Feel good and the way that the pouch hold my penis and balls, they position themselves in a very natural way without any squashing. With the summer approaching I have ordered 2 more pair to use with my bicycle.


X3D Swimsuit Bikini - Black by michael (Australia) October/2011
eslj04-n-1x1.jpgESLJ04N Hi. I have been wearing my Ergowear SwimsuitX3D Black Bikini for a year now, and it is fantastic. I paddle a racing surf ski, so I need something that is going to hold my cock and balls up and out so they are not squashed between my thighs. This suit works perfectly. And it looks great on the beach, too. Really defines your shape and body, and gets lots of looks from chicks and guys. I have now ordered two more pairs, in red and blue.


MAX Compression Short - Blue by José (Mexico) October/2011
emmp07-a-1d4.jpgEMMP07A I purchased a MAX compression shorts. I am very pleased with both. .... I can go out running, or to the gym, with the feeling that I am totally naked. My parts project forward without being compressed against my thighs. One key benefit is the sweat around the scrotum skin can quickly evaporate and does not build up creating all related problems and inconvenience


MAX PREMIUM Jock - White by Doug (United States) October/2011
esup06-b-9x1.jpgESUP06B I just wanted to congratulate you: Definitely the BEST jock on the market! Roomy pouch (instead of the typical crushing cup) and the straps are attached on the outside - there is no itchy seam.


MAX CONTRAST Boxer - Blue/White by denis (France, Metropolitan) October/2011
epmc06-a-1x1.jpgEPMC06A bonjour je suis tres satifait de mes commandes et je porte tout la journee qui est tres agreable aporter je voudrais faire connaisance dans la region lyonnaise a plus


X3D Low-Rise Boxer-Brief - Black by Tonino (Italy) October/2011
elxd05-n-2x1.jpgELXD05N Molto sexy e maschile allo stesso tempo! bravi ragazzi !


PLUS II Bikini - Black by Andrew (Australia) September/2011
esp206-n-2x1.jpgESP206N What I like most about this bikini is that I can choose how to wear it! When I wear tight Docker style pants I don't like to point down because it shows too much - so I put it up/sideways and it will remain perfect most of the day. But even if I let it drop naturally it doesn't make such a big bulge as the MAX bikini. For me it's perfect!
FLEX Swimsuit - Pacific Blue by Tonino (Italy) September/2011
efxs04-p-1d1.jpgEFXS04P Veramente fantastico! Poi l'elastico interno lo puoi usare sotto le palle o sulla base del pisello, secondo l'effetto che vuoi.


X3D Boxer - White by Fred (United States) September/2011
epxd05-b-2x1.jpgEPXD05B This is the other style I love - and I've been wearing for years now. Thanks for the new Flexipack - I am now ordering the two styles together and still get a discount!!!


X3D Bikini - White by Fred (United States) September/2011
eslj05-b-2x1.jpgESLJ05B Great to wear, great to be seen in! I've been using these for 5 years now and I always come back to get my replacements from you guys! 


MAX InCopper Brief - White** by Jean-Baptiste (France) September/2011
max-incopper-brief-white.jpgABMP09B Ce matin , j'ai mis un des sous vêtement que j'ai porté toute la journée. Je suis vraiment très satisfait de la qualité de vos produits. Très agréables à porter, très bien coupés, super maintien. Merci beaucoup.


PLUS III InCopper Boxer - White by Andrew (United States) September/2011
epp309-i-2x2.jpgEPP309B To be honest I was really disappointed with the first InCopper product I received, but it seems to have been a manuf error in the one I got. The company offered to replace it and the boxer I have now is 5 stars! I have a delicate condition in my penis, so not having a seam right down in front is important to me, as is the anti-septic fabric. Thanks a lot - I already ordered more!


X3D Boxer - Black by Paul (United States) August/2011
epxd05-n-2x1.jpgEPXD05N My ergowear has completely replaced any other underwear I have ever used, including my calvin kliens. This product has made my daily and work life much more enjoyeable, being free from painful discomfort in my testicles, as well as giving me peace of mind in knowing my genitals have the support they need to be healthy and functioning properly. Ergowear has literally changed my life! I have spent hundreds of dollars and many days searching and shopping for something that works for me, and I finally found it with your products. I cannot wait to recieve my new order in the mail and try out another line! I hope they come in soon so I can confidently purchase more of your amazing comfortable and confidence boosting underwear!!!!


X3D Thong - White by shane (Australia) August/2011


THE first thong that I have found that doesn't have a restrictive pouch. Super comfy front and super comfy rear, feels like wearing nothing at all, yet I feel SOOO sexy from the first moment I slide into these sexified bikinis. LOVE my thongs!!


MAX Compression Short - Blue by Pekka (Sweden) August/2011
emmp07-a-1d4.jpgEMMP07A Muy bien, suave en el cuerpo,, te hace radiante guapo y enteramente deseable.


MAX PREMIUM Jock - Black by Joseph (Canada) August/2011
esup06-n-9x1.jpgESUP06N easy access if you know what i mean! love how it fits my cock so perfectly


X3D Bikini - Black by Joseph (Canada) August/2011
eslj05-n-2x1.jpgESLJ05N I love these ! and so do my wife, ever since shes been more and more turned on when i get home from work in these, fits my cock perfectly!


MAX InCopper Boxer - White by Pekka (Sweden) July/2011
epmp09-b-1x2.jpgEPMP09B Great to use and great to look at!


MAX Compression Short - Blue by Roberto (Argentina) July/2011
emmp07-a-1d4.jpgEMMP07A Desde que me llegaron los uso para el futbol siempre - por fuera se ven igual que los de mnis compañeros, pero tienen ese detalle extra jajaja Always use for soccer - they looks similar to others but have extra detail LOL


X3D Midcut - Black by Ryan (United States) July/2011
emxd05-n-2x1.jpgEMXD05N I bought a pair of these to try for working out and other physical activities. All I can say is I absolutely love them! The Max line was a little tight in the legs for me, but these fit perfect. I would wear these every day if they were a little less expensive. Hope there's a multipack deal in the works.


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