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X3D Suave

X3D Suave: The Softest Fabric Meets an Icon in 3D!

The X3D line of male underwear in X3D Suave styles offer an improved version on the X3D line, with Suave, one of the most technologically superior fabrics ever used in underwear for males.

A unique design has been upgraded with our most iconic product. X3D, offers a supportive nose-shaped pouch with vertical seams. It pushes lightly your genitals up and away from your legs, giving you more room for movement. X3D men's underwear offers a low-cut style, with excellent fit and a convenient, snug-fitting and enhancing pouch.

Suave fabric adds a layer of softness and feel unlike anything else out there. Whether you are looking for a durable undergarment, an exclusive style, or simply the most comfortable briefs for men. Suave takes the already amazing X3D to the next level!

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