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Ergowear is the world's first and only brand specialized in men's ergonomic underwear, swimwear and athletic apparel. Since 2002, we've been offering the best and most comfortable mens pouch underwear, swimwear and athletic apparel including male thongs, bikinis, boxer briefs, mini boxers, jockstraps, square cuts, midway briefs, compression shorts, long johns and swimming suits with a large pouch for men. Whether you're new to the world of sophisticated undergarments for men, in need of functional underwear with more support, looking for best-in-class mens pouch underwear with the best support, fit and look, or just a hardcore underwear man fan in need of ultra comfortable undies with classy design, you'll find what you're looking for at


For over 15 years, Ergowear has been researching, developing, improving, selling and distributing what could be considered the best anatomically correct male underwear in the world. We have spent hundreds of thousands of hours developing what could be considered the most anatomically-correct best men's pouch underwear in the world. At least, that's what many of our thousands of customers say about our products. We are genuinely interested in providing you with the most comfortable pieces of underwear and swimwear you could ever own. Our pouch underwear has been specially manufactured with the varied features and uniqueness of the male anatomy in mind, providing an enhancing effect that's form fitting, yet extremely comfortable, supporting and sexy looking.

Unlike our competitors, we don't invest heavily on advertising because we rather develop the best men's pouch underwear in the world. Every piece of underclothing we have developed has passed a rigorous Research and Development stage in compliance with the most strict ergonomic clothing principles in men's fashion, as well as the most thorough product quality verification in order to provide you with near-perfect products with top performance 100% of the times. Considering the concept of ergonomics gained wide adoption since it was coined over 150 years ago, we truly believe it was time for ergonomics to reach men's underclothings. How long will it take you to adopt anatomically-correct and supportive ergonomic underwear?


Our men's enhancing pouch underwear, swimwear and athletic apparel features a combination of profile-enhancement, supportive, perfectly-fitted and top-notch materials and craft rarely seen in non-traditional men's underwear. These sexy and fashionable underclothings have been manufactured in highly durable ultra-soft fabrics and sophisticated textiles in a variety of cuts, styles and lines perfectly suited to please the male anatomy no matter its size, shape and positioning. Because your anatomy was not designed to be constrained, nor limited by clothes or flat styles, our pouch underwear is designed with that freedom of movement and variety of sizes in mind.

For years we have aimed at recreating the best feeling of all, the feeling of not wearing underwear at all! We understand your male anatomy does not behave like a bone, but rather like a muscle that stretches and shrinks. That's why all of our underclothes come with a pouch that supports, adapts and lightly lifts your manhood up and away from your thighs in an ergonomic, sexy and stylish fashion. Not only do we pride ourselves in offering best-in-class men's pouch underwear, but also by providing best-in-class customer service. Read some of our reviews and discover why customers ❤ Ergowear. Dare to enter the world of men's ergonomic underwear!